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I am a SCBWI member and a marketing professional currently working in the automotive industry. Previously, I worked in the home entertainment division of Starz Media writing box copy as well as advertising and social media copy for preschool properties such as Chuggington and Tickety Toc. I have been published in several newspapers, including my own art therapy column in a local paper. Recently, I lost my beloved grandfather to Alzheimer's but my daughter and I had the pleasure and the privilege of holding his hand until the very end. Out of that experience came my first picture book.

Writing As Art Therapy

I’ve always been pulled to writing, though I never found myself particularly original or brilliant. It was always frustrating to me, to want to write but have nothing important or original to say.  You always hear how writing for many … Continue reading

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Prejudice Against The Ordinary

The only thing worse than being old in this country is, well, being… ordinary.  This prejudice has become an insidious, destructive force in our society that is never really talked about.  It begins at an early age and haunts us throughout … Continue reading

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